(SpongeBob is pacing round his house. Gary is secretly hissing at him behind his back.)

SpongeBob(in posh voice): What shall I do now? I've replaced my brain and got it back, I've gotten very famous, but now what?!(sees Patrick walking by his house, sucking on a lollipop) Gasp! I've got just that idea!!(scene cuts to his lab) Now, I am going to make a greatest sweet that will change the face of history (in regular voice) FOREVER!!!! (SpongeBob is looking at a packet marked, "E173". He shakes his head and pulverises it with his ray gun. He then looks at a packet named, "Very Bad Stuff". He nods and drops it in his beaker..)

Time Card: Four Hours and Two Days Later

(SpongeBob is still working. He now has a beaker the size of him. He gets up on a ladder and spills the potion into a huge piece of sweet wrapping paper. He pulverises it with his ray gun, and it turns into millions of smaller pieces.)

SpongeBob: Yesss!!! I have completed it! Now to sell it...(scene cuts to a TV screen)

Perch Perkins(on TV): Hello, Perch Perkins here, live from Bikini Bottom with some BREAKING NEWS!! It appears that local genius SpongeBob GeniusPants has created a sweet named "So Long, Suckers!" that has...(happy look on his face)... DESTROYED THE TOWN!!! (angry look on his face) (scene zooms out to see SpongeBob is looking at this. Sudedenly Perch Perkins' hand crashes out of the TV screen) GET HIM!!!! (Suddenly, an angry mob comes running out of the TV screen, waving pitchforks at him)

SpongeBob: Anyone want a sweet?(holds out a sweet in his hand. People are now eating all of the sweet, then everyone suddenly falls sick) Wait! That's not supposed to happen...(looks at the packet) Gasp! This is full of bad stuff-!(A sick Patrick grabs him by the hand)

Patrick: Now look what you've done! You've poisoned the whole town!! You've ruined EVERYTHING!!!(coughs) GET HIM!!! (SpongeBob grabs his ray gun and freezes time)

SpongeBob(running back to his lab): What have I done?! I must make everyone feel better! But... how?(finds his beaker. A broken lightbulb appears above his head. SpongeBob taps it and it lights up.) I've GOT IT!!! I'll just reverse the recipe! (Meanwhile, Gary accidentally lands on the ray gun, and time starts running again.)

Angry Mob: GET 'IM!!! (SpongeBob gasps. He then pours his finished mixture on them. Suddenly they feel better) Hey! We're alright!! Thanks, annoying no-good Genius! Your annoying no-good Genius-ish self saved the town!!!(they all hug SpongeBob. Meanwhile Patrick is going to the doctor.)

Doctor: Oh, no! Well, we'll just have to punch you in the face. (Patrick screams as the screen fades to black.)


Writen by: William Leonard