This is a SpongeKid SlightPants: Lunch Hour episode.


Sandy starts getting bad marks. She takes her anger out on everyone, but stops when she sees Patrick's grades. She soon gets an A++.


(Sandy is looking at her report card)

Sandy: F's! AGAIN. AHHHHH!!! (rips report card to shreds) WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??!!

SpongeBob: Hey, chill out, Acorns. No need to over--(Sandy punches him and he cracks to pieces. All the chunks land on his report card in the shape of the word 'OW!')

Sandy: SHUT UP!!! (rips SpongeBob's report card to shreds) NOW GET UP!(In reverse mode, SpongeBob stsrts to morph back into the position he was last)

Patrick: Hey, Land Squirrel-(Sandy mushes his brain into a gumdrop) Look at my grades.(Sandy sees "You Stink" written on his report card) Wow! You got an F! That's amazing compared to me!(Sandy is shocked, and quickly sellotapes SpongeBob's report card back together)

Sandy: Thanks.(smiles) Hey, can you sign my report card?

Patrick: How?

Sandy: Just write down your name right here.(Patrick writes down "YOUR NAME" on Sandy's report card. SpongeBob gets angry and writes "The End" on Sandy's report card)