(We see Sandy's Treedome. Inside, Sandy is building something. When we look inside, we see all her crops have wilted.)

Sandy: There! Finished! My new Invention No. 1652! The Gaia Generator!(screen zooms out to show the Gaia Generator. Sandy whispers to the viewers) 'Gaia' is Greek for Earth. (speaks normally to the viewers) And it's aptly named, 'cause this feller over here makes another Earth inside my treedome, providing it with weather, temperature, even makes it rain food! Which is good, 'cause look! (We pan over to Sandy's wilted farm.) All my dang plants have died! (screen zooms out of the Treedome to show SpongeBob entering. Sandy speaks sarcastically) Oh, welcome, SpongeBoob SquareBrain. What now...?

SpongeBob (speaking in posh voice): Oh, my dear Sandy...(speaks in regular voice)...I HATE MY BRAIN!!!! AAGGGHH!!! (cries) If that's the right way to cry...

Sandy: Wha-?! Oh... uh, SpongeBob- (sighs as SpongeBob cries even more) Look, Sponge-(SpongeBob cries again) SPON- (again, SpongeBob is crying) SPONGEBOB, FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!! Alright, I guess I can have the time for surgery. But then I'm gonna need...

(scene cuts to Patrick's rock, where Sandy is carrying out an operation.)

Sandy: (takes out Patrick's brain and replaces it with SpongeBob's) There. That only took six seconds.

SpongeBob (in Patrick's voice): Duh.(falls down)

Sandy: Yup. That's Patrick.(scene cuts to the Treedome, where Sandy throws SpongeBob's old brain in the dustbin.) There. I wonder how SpongeBob likes his new brain...

(scene zooms in to the Dustbin. The Brain crawls slowly out of the dustbin and jumps off. It lands on Sandy's Gaia Generator, pushing the lever to "Custom Rain" Suddenly sweets and chocolates and cookies start to spew out of the Gaia Generator. The Brain accidentally swallows one, but thinks it's tasty. It keeps jumping up and down, gathering sweets, until the screen fades into a scene in which the Brain is huge and saggy. Sandy opens the door, and gasps when she sees... the sweets. She starts jumping up and down, grabbing 2 sweets. Before she can swallow them, she gasps at the Brain.)

Sandy: Holy Acorns!! That must be SpongeBob's Brain! I'd better put it back in...(scene cuts to SpongeBob standing at the Treedome, with the massive Brain stuck inside him.)Hmmm...(SpongeBob spits out all the sweets. The brain goes back to normal.)

SpongeBob (in posh voice): Sandy... WHY HAVE YOU DONE THAT?!?! I would have gone another year without your help... Pah! I'm leaving!!(slams the door shut)

Sandy: (silence)YESS!! HE'S GONE!!! HA-HA!!! YIPPEEEE!!! I hated him anyway...(scene cuts to Patrick's Rock)

Patrick: AAUGH!! I need a brain right now!! (puts a brain made of papier mache on him) Aaahhh...(screen fades to black)


Writen by: William Leonard