(Spongebob is just waking up when he saw he had a message on his phone and turns on answer machine)

Doctor (answer machine): Hello Spongebob Squarepants, yea I would like to inform you that Mr.Krabs is in the hospital with the rare Squirrel Flu and is turning into a squirrel very slowly. We have no cure and we need one right away, but Mr. Krabs might be a squirrel before it is done so, bye (hangs up).

Spongbob: Well, better fix up a cure because the docter is too lazy to do it. (gets his beakers and chemicals out) (hears a knock at the door) What I am busy, WHAT?!

Policeman: Looks like your trying to ditch, well not on my watch.

Spongebob: HUH? I am not ditchin........(pulls Spongbob in the police car)

(Meanwhile at the hospital)

Mr. Krabs: (sleep talking) Money! Money! Wait, just because.........I am.......... a .................squirrel.......doesn't mean..... we can't....................NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Wakes up)

Doctor: Mr. Krabs, you're awake

Mr. Krabs: Thanks goodness it was a dream! Thanks goodness I'm... (sees himself) squirrel. Aaahhh!!

Doctor: Please calm down, Spongebob will be here in any minute! (Spongebob runs in)

Spongebob: I'm here!

Ms. Puff: (from out of the window) You should pass your test, not stare there like that!

Spongebob: Wait a second please. So, I... (Ms. Puff comes and slaps Spongebob with his "F" mallet)

Ms. Puff: Come with me already.

Spongebob: But, I... (Ms. Puff drags Spongebob away. One hour later time card. Ms. Puff is leaded to ward, Spongebob comes back)

Doctor: Looks like they need some help with this. (goes away)

Spongebob: I had time to find a cure, Mr. Krabs, one second (scene cuts to hospital. There's much noise)

Mr. Krabs: Are you sure about this, Spongebob?

Spongebob: Oh I am positive! (puts a needle or cure in Mr.Krabs butt)

Mr. Krabs: YOUUUUUUUCCCCCHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! (Mr. Krabs passes out)


First part writen by: Bigman602
Second part writen by: SpongeWriter123