(Patrick's House. Patrick is sitting on a sand sofa, without blinking, watching sand TV)

Patrick: And my show starts...

Television Presenter: Advertisement's end

Patrick: NOW!

Television Presenter: Sorry, but show, what was in schedule is cancelled, so, now is pause or advertisement for replacing that show! (Advertisement)

(Television House. Television Presenter's Room after message)

Television Presenter: This show was totally boring and because of this I couldn't go on a accumulation of friends. I'm going there right now!

(back into Patrick's House)

Patrick: NOOOO!!! How could they cancel this show, this show was my favourite, so favourite that I waited for it every day of week with whole feeling!!!

(Squidward's House)

Squidward: Wait, Patrick, when I kick your butt!!!

(Spongebob's House)

Spongebob: I heard...hmm... Patrick is in danger!

(Patrick's House)

Patrick: I'm going into Television House right now!

(Conch Street. Patrick is running away. Squidward is chasing Patrick. Spongebob is chasing Squidward and Patrick)

(Television House. Patrick runs into. Squidward runs into. Spongebob runs into. Guard come out. Anybody runs into different side)

Patrick: Where's Television Director's cabinet?

(Television Director's Cabinet)

Television Director: So good that it is one hour less work

(Patrick steps into another room. He sees that there is camera. He accidentally turn camera on)

Patrick: I can't understand where's Television Director's cabinet and...

(Sandy's Treedome)

Patrick (TV): ...why my favourite show is cancelled at all? (Sandy attend)

Sandy: So, the show replace with new show? And this show is so boring! (Turn TV off)

(Mr. Krabs's House)

Patrick (TV): I really want to get back this show, but this is impossible! (Mr. Krabs attend)

Mr. Krabs: Patrick get his own show and he don't make money on it? Crazy (Turn TV off)

(Television Director's Cabinet)

Television Director: My workers think out with what replace pause, but so few fishes watch! Why? (Watces the show)

Patrick: And... (Squidward kicks Patrick, Spongebob kicks Squidward)

Television Director: I show whatever, but this. Now, I'm gonna bring back that show!

Patrick: (From window) Really?

(Spongebob goes outside and sees...Television Presenter is running and Squidward and Patrick fall down from sky)

Television Presenter: Ahhh! No matter, meeting waits for me! (Run away)

Patrick: Show show show! (Run away. Squidward stans up. Spongebob walks to him)

Squidward: What you..?

Spongebob: Show show show (Run away.)

Voice: (From Television House) Hey, are you the one who destroyed Bikini Bottom television?

Squidward: Oh...


Writen by: SpongeWriter123

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