This is a SpongeKid SlightPants: Lunch Hour episode.

Brief Summary: Patrick brings lots of pancakes into school, but doesn't share them with anyone.


Patrick bursts through the cafeteria doors with two big handfuls of pancakes. He sits down on SpongeBob's table

Patrick: Yum, yum, yummy pancakes! I could just eat you up! (grabs a knife and fork) Oh wait. I will! (gobbles up a pancake)

SpongeBob: Pat, can I have one- (Patrick punches SpongeBob)

Patrick: NO!!! My pancakes are my pancakes. And my pancakes deserve to be eaten by their owner. Me.

SpongeBob gets up.

SpongeBob: All the better to share them with!

Patrick: All the better to say NO!!! (SpongeBob and Patrick fight. SpongeBob grabs a pancake.) NO!! I made those myself! DON'T EAT THEM!!!!

SpongeBob takes a bite. Patrick faints.

SpongeBob: Eeeewwww!!! This pancake's horrible!!

Patrick: Told you.


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