Created by
William Leonard/Thoughtful Productions Inc.
Executive Producers
Directed by
William Leonard
Opening Date
May 11, 2010
Action / Fantasy
Running time
10 minutes
Original run
May 11, 2010 - present
Running series

SIX is a miniseries created, written and directed by William Leonard. It is based on a short story thought up by William Leonard.


An unexpected alien invasion in the year 2297 scoops up the human race - everyone except six kids hiding in a mine shaft. When they find out about the disaster they think it's hopeless, but then they find a huge red rocket. The result: An adventure of a lifetime. Will the alien invaders be crushed? Will the world be saved? Find out in SIX.


1. The Terrible Truth

The alien invasion and the kids' discovery of the rocket.

2. The Shotgun Into Space

They launch and Nate discovers that he misses the planet.


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William Leonard: Creator, Director, Head Writer (Season 1 - present)

SpongeWriter123: Executive Producer, Cleaner (Season 1 - present)