Sponge Wars
Created by
Bigman602/MegaBossy Films/Thoughtful Productions Inc.
Executive Producers
Bigman602, SpongeWriter123
Directed by
Opening Date
April 17, 2010
Sci-Fi / Comedy
Running time
10 minutes
Original run
April 17, 2010 - present
Running series

Sponge Wars is a sci-fi novel franchise created by MegaBossy Films and Thoughtful Productions Inc. Anyone may create a episode/special for it. It is a parody of the space opera franchise, Star Wars.





CastSpongeBob: Zuke SpongeWalker (Luke Skywalker); Patrick: Pan Solo (Han Solo); Sandy: Princess Saia (Leia); Squidward: Darth Squider (Vader); Plankton: Darth Plankious (Sidious); Gary: Goda (Yoda); Mr. Krabs: Kobi-Wan Kraboni (Obi-Wan Canobi); Fries: Fries (Force) (SpongeBob works at the Krusty Krab. I think it works); Robo Krabs from "Imitation Krabs": K3KO (C3PO); Robo SpongeBob from "Welcome to the Chum Bucket": S2-P2 (R2-D2); Scooter: Commander Scooter for the Dark Side (A commander, I guess); Flats: Flabba the Flounder (Jabba the Hut); Larry: Pan Solo's friend (Han Solo's friend. No clue on the name. Will find out); Plankton's family: Phone Troopers (Clone Troopers); Patty Wagon: The Millennium Patty (The Millennium Falcon) Jellyfish: Jwoks (Ewoks); Rocky: Rocky (Chewy); The Chum Bucket: Death Bucket (Death Star); Spatula: Lightspatula (Lightsaber); Manray: Man Man Fett (Bobo Fett).


The Patty WarsEdit

  • Secret Attack - Co. thinks out a secret attack and put it in Patrick's charge, but he forgets it and co. falls to the enemy.

Idea CornerEdit

Right all ideas here before making the episode or gag (put the word gag at the end of the title of your gag) so we may discuss it.

2. In Enemy's Hands - In enemy's hands, Co. is being used as slaves. But when they can't suffer it anymore, they think out plan to escape, but to WHERE? by SpongeWriter123

THANKS!!!!!!! Bigman602, The Cool Guy 17:22, May 1, 2010 (UTC)

It's my pleasure. SpongeWriter123 17:42, May 1, 2010 (UTC)



Please make the specials and only Spongebob parodies of the Star Wars characters!


Please create episodes


Please add your name if you would like to have a job in the series.

Bigman602: Head Writer, Editor, Director, Artist (Season 1 - Present)

SpongeWriter123: Writer, Executive Producer (Season 1 - Present)