(Squidward's House)

Squidward: (Sings and Dances in a Room of Trophies, in camping clothes) Camping Camping Sweety Sweety Camping, Camping Camping Sweety Sweety Camping!

Spongebob: (Stays near of the door) Camping?

Squidward: Wha... No, no no

Spongebob: But one moment ago you said: Camping Camping Sweety Sweety Camping?

Squidward: I heard it... on TV

Spongebob: Oh. (Look around) Then where do you get these trophies for camping?

Squidward: I won... the lottery

Spongebob: Oh. (Look at the Squidward) Then why are you wearing camping clothes?

Squidward: This... is the... latest fashion

Spongebob: Oh. Okay. See ya! (Go away)

Squidward: Hu, this was close one

(Conch Street. Outside of Patrick's House. Patrick is sunbathing on his rock house, with sunglasses)

Spongebob: (Running to the Patrick) PATRICK, PATRICK, PATRICK!

Patrick: (Put off sunglasses) Huh?

Spongebob: Do you heard something about... camping?

Patrick: Oh, The Big Camping! Very good and all free. There congregate million fishes!

Spongebob: How do you know that?

Patrick: Know what?

(Spongebob's House)

Spongebob: So, our purpose is The Big Camping. We have to know what we need there! So, have any ideas?

Patrick: Have what?

Spongebob: Food - good idea

Patrick: Mmm... Tent?

Spongebob: Tent - good idea

Patrick: Sleeping bag, Camping clothe, Friend, Pet, Home?

Spongebob: Good ideas - Patrick, you are genius!

Patrick: I am what?

(Camping Field)

Spongebob & Patrick: Here we are! (doesn't appear to be anyone. Spongebob look in right side)

Spongebob: The Camping Field is there, Patrick! (Spongebob and Patrick run there) We aren't late, right?

Head of Camping: You ARE late.No matter, only one fish is without pair...

(Squidward's Tent. Squidward is eating)

Squidward: This is my best The Big Camping ever! Good that Spongebob didn't understood, where I'm going. By the way, why I don't have a pair? I'm just lucky, I guess...(Spongebob, Patrick and Head of Camping walk into Squidward's Tent. Squidward whisper to itself) So, that's why I don't have a pair. Spongebob undrestood. This is gonna be my worst The Big Camping ever...

Head of Camping: This is your pair. Good luck!

Spongebob: Good luck to you, too!

Patrick: Good what?

Squidward: Aahh...(Head of Camping go away)

Spongebob: Patrick, put up a tent and home (Patrick start to put up a tent - Tent flow up and don't fall down) So, squidward, whether you live here long?

Squidward: No, and why you don't wear camping clothe?

Spongebob: But we, with Patrick, have camping CLOTHE!

Squidward: Yeah, But why do you HAVE pet, Gary, here?

Spongebob: But I can't leave Gary alone at home for night! (Look behind) Well, Patrick... Eee... where our tent is?

Patrick: (Under his rock home) I don't know, but we have home

Spongebob: I can't sleep there! (Look behind) Squidward, can you take me under your tent? (Patrick is sleeping)

Squidward: I... think about trophie, a trophie, trophie... take you under my tent!

Spongebob: Thanks... can you borrow me your sleeping bag?

Squidward: Do you have anything... trophie... Yes, I can! (Give Spongebob his sleeping bag)

Spongebob: Thank you very much! (Spongebob fall asleep)

Squidward: (Cold) I hope it's worth it (Spongebob in front of him)

Spongebob: Have you some food?

Squidward: Trophie... Yes, I have! (Stand up and make step, but slip, because of Gary's slime) No, I haven't! Go away!

Spongebob: (Take food) Thanks, Squidward! (Falls asleep)

Squidward: Ahhh! (Anger)

(Morning.Spongebob is waking up)

Spongebob: Squidward? Do you slept at all?

Squidward: No!

Spongebob: New record!

Head of Camping: You're right! (Walk into tent) I think you can have a trophie!

Squidward: Ohhh...(Happy. Look at Spongebob) Spongebob, I must admit that if you don't exist then I don't ever have this trophie, Thank you! (Spongebob is happy. Everybody go outside)

Head of Camping: But if Spongebob is one who help you, then you have to share it with him!

Squidward: (Anger. Tent fall down on Squidward) Ahhh...

(Squidward's House. The Room of Trophies. The biggest one's half is there)

Squidward: This doesn't fit here! At least, one stupid neighbour less (Look at the window - Patrick's house is missing. Squidward starts to sing) Camping Camping Worsty Worsty Camping, Camping Camping Worsty Worsty Camping!

(Spongebob's House. Living room. The other half of the trophie is there)

Spongebob: This trophie fit here! Gary, do you liked this camping?

Gary: Meow!

Spongebob: No? Why?

Gary: Meow meow meow

Spongebob: Squidward attacked you at night? Maybe I have to ask him about it...but not at the moment - He's singing. By the way, where's Patrick?

(Camping Field. In the centre is Patrick's rock house and Patrick is sleeping under it)

Patrick: Good night, Spongebob...


Writen by: SpongeWriter123

Squidward's Camping