Spongebob and Sandy were playing tag but Patrick doesn't know how to play.


(Spongebob starts running around and touchs Sandy on the shoulder)

Spongebob: Tag! Your It! (When he touch Sandy's shoulder)

Sandy: Oh Yeah!!?? (starts running and touchs Spongebob on the shoulder)

Spongebob: Dam it!!

(Patrick walks up to Spongebob and Sandy)

Patrick: Hey guys, whatcha your doing?

Sandy: Playing tag.

Patrick: How do you play it?


Spongebob: You don't know how to play? (walks up to Patrick, pats him on the shoulder) It's very simple. You run around chasing the person and you touch them.

Sandy: In that case.....(touchs Patrick's shoulder) TAG!

Patrick: Hey where are you guys going!? (runs up to them but touches the table) Your It.

Spongebob: Sigh...........he doesn't know how to play!!

Sandy: Well.....let's go and chat somewhere else.