(Spongebob is walking in the class with Patrick when Mrs. Puff spots him)

Mrs. Puff: Oh no! It's that sponge again.

Spongebob (in posh voice): Good morning Mrs. Puff.

Patrick: Hello Big Fat Meanie!

Mrs. Puff: (speaking to entire class) Good morning students, it seems we have a new student.......

Patrick: 'Oooooooo! Is it Squidward!

Mrs. Puff: No Patrick. It is.......

Patrick: Barnacles! Ooooooooooo! Is it Sandy!

Mrs. Puff: (annoyed voice) No Patrick it is...............

Patrick: Double barnacles! OOOOOOOOO! Is it.......

Mrs. Puff: Look Patrick, you're the new student! Now lets open our Boating books to............(Patrick runs and starts tickling Mrs. Puff and Mrs. Puff starts laughing) Ha! Ha! Stop it Patrick before I... (Mrs. Puff puffs up)

Patrick: Oopsy. Sorry. (Time card 1 hour later shows up)

Mrs. Puff: Okay students, now let us start our...... (Patrick throws a paper airplane at Mrs. Puff).....Patrick! (Flats goes to Spongebob and gives him a wedgie)

Spongebob (in posh voice): (Scene scrolls to Spongebob and Flats) Why did you do that good sir.

Flats: REVENGE! And I will keep doing it all day to teach you that flats is the man! YEAH!

Spongebob: Oh dear Neptune!

Mrs. Puff: (Scene scrolls back to Mrs. Puff and Patrick) Patrick!!!!! (Patrick throws yet another paper airplane) PATRCK!!!!!! (Patrick throws another one and Mrs. Puff puffs up)

Mrs. Puff: (Time card 2 hours later shows up) And now the test is over and its is lunch time so hand in your tests. (Everyone hands in their tests) Okay then better get started on, blah, blah, blah.

Patrick: I wonder what Flats did to that dork. Ooooooo! I remember now! (Patrick walks up to Mrs. Puff and gives her a wedgie and Mrs. Puff puffs up) Oopsy! Sorry!

Spongebob: (Scene rolls to lockers) Oh barnacles! I thought I lost Flats! (Flats shoves Spongebob in his locker)

Flats: Yeah! Flats is bringing on the pain! WOO! YEAH! (Spongebob squeezes out and Flats punches him)

Spongebob: Thats it! Bring it on bully! (crowd chants "Fight! Fight!")

Flats: (Patrick tries to stop the fight) Outta the way fatty! (Patrick punches Flats and Spongebob and Patrick start becoming friends again)

Mrs. Puff: (Time card 1 hour later) You finally passed. Here is your license! (hands license)

Spongebob (in posh voice): Thank you Mrs. Puff! I will enjoy it! (walks away)

Patrick: (gets in boat and locks at red button) Is this for peanut supplies?

Mrs. Puff: No Patrick (Patrick presses red button and they crash into a pole) Oh Patrick, WHY? (Time card 1 hour) Now I have another! (starts crying)


Written by: Bigman602