The Boss Stinks


Created by
Bigman602/Thoughtful Productions Inc.
Executive Producers
SpongeWriter123, Bigman602
Directed by
Opening Date
May 2, 2010
Running time
15 minutes
Original run
May 2, 2010 - present
Running series

The Boss Stinks is a fictional channel Thoughtful Channel's fictional show.

Summary Edit

A young man named Mike Windower gets a job at a office and his boss is a jerk.

Characters Edit

Mike Windower - Mike Windower is the main character. He is a employee at Global Studios. When the boss isn't watching he usually tends to goof off. He is a clumsy man who often has to pay for the things he breaks. He is in love with Kelly but he would never admit it.

Patrick Yawn - Patrick Yawn is Mike's best friend. He usually comes up with plans that often get him and Mike in trouble. He is more of the "brains" in the group.

Kelly Kooper - Kelly is the assistant manger of Global Studios. She has a crush in Mike but she never admits it. She often shoves Patrick in the broom closet when she is mad at him.

James "Boss" Piggyson - Boss is the manager (or boss) of Global Studios. He has a deep hatred for Mike and often tries to scheme against him. Although, he ends up failing everytime. He also doesn't like Kelly bossing him around.


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Written by

"Pilot (The Boss Stinks)" N/A User:Bigman602
Mike Windower is made director of Global Studios but realises directing stuff is harder than he thought. Then his boss had him make a drama movie and he turns it into a comedy and nearly gets fired...

Production Edit

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Workers Edit

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Bigman602: Creator, Director, Executive Producer, Head Writer (Season 1 - present)

SpongeWriter123: Writer, Executive Producer (Season 1 - present)

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