The Krusty Hotel
Created by
SpongeWriter123/Thoughtful Productions Inc.
Executive Producers
Directed by
Opening Date
January 20, 2010
Comedy / Life
Running time
10 minutes
Original run
January 20, 2010 - March 18, 2010
May 1, 2010 - present
Running series

The Krusty Hotel is a fanfictional spin-off of Spongebob Squarepants created by SpongeWriter123/Thoughtful Productions Inc. It is about all Spongebob characters moved in The Krusty Hotel and their life after this.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 (January 20, 2010 - January 29, 2010) / 10 episodes Edit

Title Card # Title Airdate

Written by

"Pilot (The Krusty Hotel)" January 20, 2010 User:SpongeWriter123
Mr. Krabs creates hotel and names it "The Krusty Hotel". Soon, it becomes popular and all citizens of Bikini Bottom moves into it. But nobody knows yet that all citizens don't suit together!

"Protest" January 21, 2010 User:SpongeWriter123
Spongebob takes again driving exam, but fails, but why if he drives perfectly ; Squidward and others protests as Mr. Krabs wants too many money ; Ms. Puff gives marks for boating, but protest confuses Ms. Puff and he give "2" for Spongebob!

"Larry's New Job" January 22, 2010 User:SuperSaiyanKirby
Larry gets a job at The Krusty Hotel due to Goo Lagoon not popular anymore. However, Mr. Krabs pays too little!

"I Just Wanted To Dance" January 23, 2010 User:SpongeWriter123
Squidward prepares for Dance Contest. However, Spongebob and Patrick in neighbour's room brawl too much and this confuses Squidward ; Next week is The Official Annual Krusty Hotel Big Party (January 30, 2010) in Spongebob's room. So Patrick helps Spongebob decorate his room for Big Party. However, they can't do it quietly and however, they have neighbour...

"TOAK?" January 24, 2010 User:SpongeWriter123
It's Dance Contest, but, however, Squidward's life-long rival Squilliam is there, too! Who will win this ; When Patrick and Spongebob shortens the title of The Official Annual Krusty Hotel Big Party (T.O.A.K.H.B.P.), Patrick find in this word T.O.A.K. However, as that kind of word is not real, Mr. Krabs change it on O.A.K.!

"Oak Is In China?" January 26, 2010 User:SpongeWriter123
Mr. Krabs accepts O.A.K.-idea for The Official Annual Krusty Hotel Big Party and decides that he need oak, but it's winter. As Squidward is on Dancing Contest and Spongebob is decorating with Patrick, Mr. Krabs asks Larry to bring oak to him. Larry asks Sandy, who completed his transport-invention, for help. When they appear in China, Master asks Larry to fight. Will he win and get the oak?

"Vacation" January 26, 2010 User:SpongeWriter123
As room is decorated, Squidward won Squilliam in Dancing Contest, Larry got the oak, The Official Annual Krusty Hotel Big Party starts 4 episodes later and residents of The Krusty Hotel are pleased, The Krusty Hotel Crew (Mr. Krabs, Spongebob, Squidward, Larry) take a rest. The part of rest is good, but when they came back, it's a total mess!

"Sandy's Surfing Contest" January 26, 2010 User:SpongeWriter123
Sandy brings popularity back into Goo Lagoon with his The Official Annual Sandy's Surfing Contest. So, Larry can trigger from The Krusty Hotel and get wages for his work. However, Mr. Krabs refuse and say that he don't give him wages until he don't complete his month-work-agreement! Is Larry gonna do what Mr. Krabs want?

"Room 711" January 29, 2010 User:Deetfeet
In "The Krusty Hotel", there is a person in room 711 who makes a lot of noise andd keeps everyone in the hotel awake at night. He is that loud. So everyone must find a way to get him to leave or to make him quiet.

"Spongebob Postman?" January 29, 2010 User:SpongeWriter123
It's only one day to The Official Annual Krusty Hotel Big Party, but Spongebob doesn't help, but work as postman. So, Mr. Krabs puts on fake-moustaches, says he's Spongebob's boss and kicks Spongebob out of his job. However, dependence doesn't get lost!

Season 2 (January 30, 2010 - present) / 20 episodes Edit

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"Who's The Noisiest?" January 30, 2010 User:SpongeWriter123
It's The Official Annual Krusty Hotel Big Party and it makes a lot of noise. However, person from room 711 thinks they're trying to be noisier than him. So, he makes yourself so noisy that he thinks he win, but what about Big Party, what is violated?

"Valentine Suite" January 31, 2010 User:Angel Sponge x Anime
With Valentine's Day coming up, Mr Krabs said that he will redecorate rooms with pink and red love hearts and others Valentine things. However, for Mr. Krabs it pays too much!

"Prank" February 2, 2010 User:Deetfeet
Plankton pulls a prank on the hotel by replacing the water supply with sea-sewage, however, this causes an outrage, a lawsuit, and everyone leaving "The Krusty Hotel". Mr. Krabs looses everything, and it makes Plankton feel bad, so he confesses to what he had done. The hotel is put back in business.

"The Chum Hotel!" February 4, 2010 User:SpongeWriter123
Plankton decides to create his own hotel, but nobody wants to move into The Chum Hotel as everybody are in The Krusty Hotel. Plankton decides to destroy The Krusty Hotel! Who will win?

"Closing Down" April 13, 2010 User:Bigman602
The Krusty Hotel has to close down due to low service and will be the Krusty Krab again.

"Krusty Openings" May 1 2010 User:Bigman602
After a couple weeks of low business at the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs decides to reopen the Krusty Hotel and everyone moves back in, a little less though, because of a rumor that it closes-and-opens often, told by "somebody"...

Workers Edit

Please add your name if you would like a job on the series.

SpongeWriter123: Creator, Executive Producer, Head Writer, Director, Cleaner (Season 1 - Present)

Deetfeet: Writer, Executive Producer (Season 1 - Present)

SuperSaiyanKirby: Writer

Angel Sponge x Anime Writer, Exective Producer (Season 2 - Present)

Bigman602: Writer

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