The Series The Thoughtful


Created by
SpongeWriter123/Thoughtful Productions Inc.
Executive Producers
Directed by
Opening Date
December 30, 2009
Running time
10 minutes
Original run
December 30, 2009 - January 13, 2010
May 1, 2010 - present
Running series

The Series The Thoughtful is a fanfictional Spongebob Squarepants spin-off created by SpongeWriter123/Thoughtful Productions Inc. It's without concept - it's just a set of Thoughtful Production Inc.'s fanfictional Spongebob Squarepants episodes!


Season 1 (December 30, 2009 - May 3, 2010) / 20 episodesEdit

Code # Title Plot Written by Airdate
101 1 Squidward's Camping When Spongebob find out that Squidward is intend to go on camping then he and Patrick just can't not go with him! SpongeWriter123 December 30, 2009
102 2 Patrick's TV When Patrick reveal that his favourite show is cancelled, He go at TV House to say what he have to say, but slip up and accidentally make a TV show SpongeWriter123 December 30, 2009
103 3 JellyWar! When Spongebob go for jellyfishing, jellyfish attack Spongebob. Spongebob is force to run away home, jellyfish lock Spongebob in his own house - What Spongebob is going to do? SpongeWriter123 December 30, 2009
104 4 Best Robot 2009! In Bikini Bottom is new competetion called Best Robot 2009. When Spongebob hear that Plankton, Sandy and Pearl is taking part of it then Spongebob just want to help Sandy and Pearl - But who he is going to help? SpongeWriter123 December 30, 2009
105 5 SpongeRary When Spongebob have to go to Library he become dependence of Books and opens a library at home, but all neighbours ignore him - Is Spongebob become free or stay in dependence of Books? SpongeWriter123 December 30, 2009
106 6 SquidWitch, Part 1 Squidward find The Book of Witch Spells in the library. He found a spell, what do Bad-Thing with anybody. Squidward wants to do it with Spongebob, but something go wrong! - What happen with Squidward? - Find out in Part 2! SpongeWriter123 December 31, 2009
107 7 SquidWitch, Part 2 Squidward is in his memories! He realize that Spongebob is always tried to be his friend, but Squidward always ignored and hated him! When spell become useless, then Squidward decide to say sorry to Spongebob, but he couldn't did it! SpongeWriter123 January 1, 2010
108 8 Spongebob PromisePants? Spongebob promise that in that year he's gonna clean Gary's shell twice better than last year and twice more often, have a new friend, take more than one job and finally visit Patchy the Pirate and his parrot the potty. However, things don't process as Spongebob was hoped SpongeWriter123 January 3, 2010
109 9 The Spongey Sponge! When Spongebob hear that he can't do anything by itself, without Mr. Krabs's command, then he create his own restaurant called The Spongey Sponge. One week later, however, Spongebob realize that it's no profit, so he leave The Spongey Sponge to Mr. Krabs's hands. SpongeWriter123 January 4, 2010
110 10 Candy Factory is Doom! Patrick want to know wherefrom the candies come, so he with Spongebob go to Candy Factory, but almost destroy factory and create one bad new candy, so watch the epilogue, too, to know what happen to them, who eat one candy! SpongeWriter123 January 4, 2010
111 11 The Sandy Sponge? Contract with Chimps is at end and all his inventions don't work without reason. Sandy have only month to last chance. Sandy get a work at The Spongey Sponge, renamed to The Sandy Sponge, but he can't do anything right, because of fear do something wrong. In the end Sandy come back to inventing, but why? SpongeWriter123 January 4, 2010
112 12 PatSchool! Patrick start to think about a job, but employer send Patrick to school for education. However, Patrick, after week, have million reasons why he hates school, but why? Classmates like to joke on Patrick! SpongeWriter123 January 4, 2010
113 13 Ahoy, Spongebob! In Glove World is opened new segment called Pirate, Ahoy! where visitors can see and talk to real pirates and take a little tour with pirate ship in Glove World on Glove River. Spongebob and Patrick call Larry, too! But who could thought that Larry the Lobster of muscle could feel fear of pirates? SpongeWriter123 January 7, 2010
114 14 Squidward's Hair? Squidward want to take part of competetion called Hairy or Baldy, but he have no hair, so, he buy fake hair or wig. Spongebob and Patrick go watch competetion, but accidentaly destroy Squidward's wig, when Squidward have to appear! SpongeWriter123 January 7, 2010
115 15 Bikini Bottom Tour Tourist travel into Bikini Bottom with first stop in Bikini Bottom Bus Station. Spongebob walk past and decide to take a ride with tourists. Next stop is at Conch Street, so, Spongebob call Patrick, too, on a tour. Tour's way is drive all Bikini Bottom locations! SpongeWriter123 January 7, 2010
116 16 SpongeKid SlightPants! (AKA Spongebob's life as kid) Patchy watch Spongebob's archive. Rather, Spongebob's life as kid. At first, Spongebob live with his parents, same his future neighbours. At second, Spongebob go to school, same his future neighbours, expect Patrick, who don't want to go to school. The third, forth, fifth... find out on your own! SpongeWriter123 January 7, 2010
117 17 Squidward Mustachio Squidward gets a mustache, and changes his name to Squidward Mustachio, but SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs trys to shave Squidward's "mustachio". SuperSaiyanKirby January 13, 2010
118 18 My Shell's Music Patrick drops a radio, accidentaly, into Gary's shell. Now, Gary is going crazy as music is making him going crazy! SpongeWriter123 May 1, 2010
119 19 Krabby Pizza Mr. Krabs decides to sell pizza at the Krusty Krab to get more money. Although, Planton decides to sell deserts. Who will get more costumers? Bigman602 May 1, 2010
120 20 Unsmart's Book! Patrick finds a book in his house and starts to READ it. Soon, he becomes much more dumper than before, so he gives this book away to Sandy, who soon becomes MUCH more dumper than before, so she gives this book away to... And so on, until it was burned..! SpongeWriter123 May 3, 2010


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  • SpongeWriter: Creator, Executive Producer, Head Writer, Cleaner (Season 1 - present)
  • SuperSaiyanKirby: Writer (Season 1 - present)
  • MissAppear869: Back up Writer (Season 1)
  • Quickster968: Back up writer (Season 1)
  • Phineasandferbfan2010: Storyboard Artist (Season 1 - Present)
  • Etenitey the hedgehog: Writer Second position (Season 1 - Present)
  • Bigman602: Director, Writer, Artist (Season 1 - present)