Variables vs. Bombs
Created by
Bigman602/Thoughtful Productions Inc.
Executive Producers
Directed by
Opening Date
May 7, 2010
Action / Comedy
Running time
10 minutes
Original run
May 7, 2010 - present
Running series

Variables vs. Bombs is a fictional channel Thoughtful Channel's fictional show, the fanfictional spin-off of Spongebob Squarepants, created by Bigman602.

Summary Edit

A man named Jeff the Bomb wants to get revenge against #1 with bombs! Why you may ask? It is because during a variable play, he was "A" and #1 threw Jeff (A) offstage, completing the problem. He thought it was a Christmas play too!

It is based of real plays performed by Bigman602 and other actors!

Characters Edit

Main CharactersEdit

Jeff the Bomb - Jeff the Bomb is a idiot he often uses bomb and accidentally blows hisself up several times.

#1 - #1 is Jeff's #1 enemy. He is usually lade back and often insults Jeff, which causes Jeff to blow himself up!

Hillary (Hannah) - Hannah is #1's friend who tries to keep Jeff away from #1. She often refers Jeff as "the man with no life".

Major CharactersEdit

Head TV Man - Head TV Man rules TV and often plans to stop the show to make more time for "Fun Classroom Show".

Kelly - Kelly was Jeff's former minion who decided to help one after realizing Jeff was just a idiot who wanted to blow people up.

Minor CharactersEdit

Palpatine - Palpatine was the emperor of the Galactic Empire, but after the Empire's demise, he scammed people by selling books that were empty and is now in exile.

Ms. Teacher - Ms. Teacher is a teacher to appear in the series as a supporting character.

Holly - Holly was also a former minion of Jeff, but became TV Man's assistant.

Workers Edit

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Bigman602: Creator (Season 1 - present), Director, Head Writer (Season 1)

SpongeWriter123: Executive Producer (Season 1 - present)

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